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Apr 22, 2014Which Digital Format Should I Shoot IN?

Today Question is about the best format to take pictures in.

Question: My digital SLR has three formats to record pictures. Which format should I use and why?

Well this is another great question, most digital cameras today have three shooting formats, JPEG, TIFF, and RAW. Unless we have our cameras tethered to our computers we our images are stored on memory cards. Memory cards are relatively small but expensive and the shooting format impacts the number of images storable per card.. First if you are good at nailing your exposure, white balance and never require corrective programs like Photoshop, I recommend shooting in JPEG because the images are much smaller and viewable on most devices. If you are like most shooters, not quite nailing every shot, and this is important - and that you are familiar with photo editing software I highly recommend you shoot all your images in RAW. The images will be larger, require more storage but the size is sufficient such that the image can be manipulated without compromising quality. However shooting in raw requires skill, knowledge and understanding that most amateur photographer do not possess. When you shoot in RAW you are taking full camera control it is sort of like most folks could fly an airplane while on auto pilot but taken on auto pilot most wouldcrash and such as it is with shooting in RAW vs JPEG. JPEG is the camera on auto pilot the camera does all the thinking and makes the settings it thinks best. Many times it will get it right but often as you know it will get it wrong. If you want to become a good photographer, amateur or professional learn to shoot in RAW. TIFF is the other format, for 99% of photographers this format should be avoided unless you just have lots of money to spend on memory cards because the size of the images are much larger and results in very little extra quality.
At Visualized ARTS Photography we shoot 95% of all our images in RAW, the remaining 5% are shot in JPEG.


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