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Apr 24, 2014How To Shoot At High Noon?

Today's photography tip is about shooting in bright sunlight.

Question: How to shoot in bright sunlight?

Good photographers keep their cameras close at all times but great photographers not only keep their cameras near they are able to shoot under any light condition. One of the most difficult lightning conditions to shoot under is bright sunlight. Most inexperienced photographer's favorite light condition is bright light and if the image is just a snapshot most will succeed. On the other hand most professional photographers try to avoid shoot at the brightest time of the day and instead choose the early morning hours or late evening hours, the "golden hours". However the great photographers are able to shoot under all light conditions including at high noon, bright sunny days. Admittedly part of their success lies in their more expensive equipment, especially the lenses. However the next time your picture moment happens at the worst time and you want more than a snap shot try these tips from the professional photographers at Visualized Arts, Put the sun not your back as commonly taught but to the backs of your subject. This will cause your subjects to be rimmed lit (outlining their hair. Next add just a little flash to balance the light. Do this right and your pictures will certainly improve. Most of all, practice, and more practice. Remember when you need a team of professional wedding photographers or high school senior photographers, call 636.795.ARTS!


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