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Apr 18, 2014How to Make Your Images Pop?

How do I shoot images like that in the camera?

Everyone wants their images to pop - like they are jumping off the page. To make your portraits pop try this little professional trick. All photographers understand that lightning is one of the crucial elements of photography. In a future response we may talk more depth about lightning but for today, our focus is on using lightning to make your images pop. Next time to are photographing someone avoid lightning them evenly. When images are lit evenly it makes the image look flat. Instead, light the face and let the rest of the body fall into shadow. For even more drama and pop shoot your subjecst against a dark background. When viewing photographs our eyes are first drawn to the lightest portion of the image. If the light on the face is more intense then the viewer's eyes will be drawn to the face and that is where they should be. One word of caution when lightning watch your exposure and avoid excessive light on the ears. For some examples go here


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